Great article! I have a question, however.

In your theoretical example of the exec asking the designer for the subscription opt-in, what is the best way for the designer to talk to them if the exec had spent a week in round table discussions that resulted in the request? Then, even the recommended solution of suggesting a different way of speaking to the exec is a problem for the exec, as the exec had already done significant work to identify this solution.

For example, the exec needs a way to increase ARR this week, or very soon, and this is the solution identified from their roundtable/workshop as the quickest solution. When the designer says, "you're looking to increase subscriptions?" The exec stops and thinks negatively, "Does this designer think I'm short-sighted? I spent a week finding this solution... this is a waste of time!"

How should the designer handle this situation? What if the designer doesn't even know that the exec spent a week identifying this solution?

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